Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Creating a personalized checklist for each client can help you provide more tailored and organized support throughout the real estate transaction.

Here's a general template you can use as a starting point, but be sure to customize it for each client's specific needs and preferences:

Client Name: [Client's Name]

Pre-Purchase Checklist:

  1. Initial Consultation:

    • Meet with the client to discuss their goals, budget, and preferences.
    • Determine the timeline for the purchase.
  2. Financial Preparations:

    • Assist in getting pre-approved for a mortgage.
    • Discuss down payment options and closing costs.
  3. Property Preferences:

    • Create a detailed list of the client's must-haves, nice-to-haves, and deal-breakers.
    • Discuss preferred neighborhoods and property types.
  4. Property Search:

    • Begin searching for properties that match the client's criteria.
    • Share property listings and schedule viewings.

During the Search:

  1. Property Viewings:

    • Arrange and accompany the client to property viewings.
    • Take notes on each property's pros and cons.
  2. Feedback and Adjustments:

    • Gather feedback from the client after each viewing.
    • Adjust the search criteria as needed based on their feedback.

Making an Offer:

  1. Offer Preparation:

    • Prepare offers for the client based on their chosen property.
    • Discuss negotiation strategies.
  2. Contract Review:

    • Explain the terms and conditions of the purchase contract.
    • Address any questions or concerns.

In Escrow:

  1. Inspection and Appraisal:

    • Coordinate the home inspection and appraisal process.
    • Review and discuss the results with the client.
  2. Finalizing Financing:

    • Ensure the client is meeting all lender requirements.
    • Provide updates on the loan approval process.

Closing Phase:

  1. Closing Details:

    • Assist in coordinating the closing date and time.
    • Review the closing costs and financial arrangements.
  2. Final Walk-Through:

    • Arrange and attend the final walk-through of the property.
    • Ensure the property is in the expected condition.


  1. Key Handover:

    • Accompany the client to the closing and help with the key handover.
  2. Utility Setup:

    • Provide information and guidance on setting up utilities.
  3. Welcome to the Neighborhood:

    • Share local resources and introduce the client to neighbors, if desired.
  4. Follow-Up:

    • Stay in touch with the client to address any post-purchase questions or concerns.
  5. Housewarming Gift:

    • Remember to send a thoughtful housewarming gift to celebrate their new home.

Communication and personalization are key to providing excellent real estate service.

Much Success in your Real Estate Journey, and hope to see you soon again for more information like this.

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